Web Programming

Web Design and Web Programming are two different aspects of the website experience.

Web Design refers to the “front-end”, the look and feel of a web site. Web Programming refers to the backend including:

1. The functionality of the site; how the customized web application and databases talk to each other to give your web visitor a better user experience.

2. Tracking of web visitors, generating multiple sales leads, and giving your employee’s more powerful tools to connect your web visitors.

3. Real-Time monitoring and tracking of your web site, sales, and more, is all made possible through our advanced web programming. Integrating a customized Web 2.0 interface helps web visitors feel more comfortable and increase the likelihood of a new sale or new lead.


Web 2.0 Programming

Web 2.0 is seen as the next level of internet experience. It creates a new user-friendly online interface with the power and reliability to be able to give users more powerful tools. Web 2.0 empowers the users and web visitors, and is a great tool to get your web visitors more interactive with your website.


AJAX / Javascript Web Programming

JavaScript is one of the greatest languages created … also one of the hardest ones to program in. We have guru JavaScript programmers with over 15 years of experience programming with JavaScript and its brain child AJAX. AJAX is one of the powerful programs leading the Web 2.0 wave of programming, and its seamless integration has help us become one of the premier JavaScript / web 2.0 programming shops around.


Perl / CGI Web Programming

We offer highly customized web programming using the Perl language. Perl is one of the most stable and most reliable programming languages available. It can be considered a Great Uncle to the PHP programming language.

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Let us surprise you with some fresh new ideas and picture material. Your customers will love it.
We listen very closely to make sure that we understand what you need. We then develop the design according to your input together with our ideas.
Our designs are stylish and contemporary that instantly appeals to your customers to retain their attention.
e-Commerce Websites
We create reliable, easy to use and good looking ecommerce websites which will inspire trust in your customers to do business with you. We design and program e-commerce websites with secure payment systems and website shopping carts. They are of course available in CMS.
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Logos & Branding
Before we start creating your logo we make sure that we understand the purpose of your organization, the environment you work in and who your customers are. We want to learn about the values of your company and the message you want to send out.
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Banners & Flash Applications
We create web banners at affordable prices which go in line with your corporate design. Let us surprise you with some fresh new ideas on how to advertise your product or your services. We enable your web banner to be seen by placing it on the right websites at the right time.
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